Courses and Subjects


Do you have an appetite for knowledge? Are you looking for quality education in a nurturing environment? CMP Degree College might be the right place for you. Your journey towards excellence starts here. You get an opportunity to cultivate your passions and follow your academic curiosity through regularised lectures, practicals, seminars, workshops and various other motivating activities in campus. With persistent dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and all-round development of students, CMP Degree College offers unique student experiences through different activities, societies and events across a broad range of academic and extra-curricular setting.

  • Regularised academic discourse—Explore your chosen courses with well-equipped faculty, interactive sessions, personalised teachings and smart classes
  • Fully equipped library—Gain knowledge from a huge collection of the finest and world-famous books of your subject
  • Fund your Future—The college offers different scholarship programmes for financial aids to students
  • Career and Counselling Centre—Centre—Participate in year round workshops for professional knowledge and opportunities. Give yourself a chance for development of communication skills
  • National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit—A chance to do something entirely different; giving back something positive to the society and learning teamwork
  • National Cadet Corps (NCC) Unit for girls— An opportunity to serve the nation and gain exemplary qualities of confidence, courage and discipline
  • Skill Development Programme—Acquire specialized skills for a plethora of career options
  • Green Youth Brigade—Be a part of something creative; Do something for the environment
  • Sports—Motivate the sportsperson inside you; Participate in various sport events of college and the annual sport event for attaining excellent physical health, developing sportsman spirit and confidence